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About Voltin

A conjunction of Volare (latin – to fly) and Nitin (sanskrit – ethical path) Voltin is an innovative facade assessment system capable of high-resolution visual data capture for high rise buildings in dense population areas.

The visual data captured by the system is fed into artificially intelligent third-party defect detection and photogrammetry modelling software to accurately identify the location of a given defect. Voltin was conceived of the need to provide specialist building façade inspections that are accurate, cost effective technology enhanced and detailed.

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Voltin Certifications

The Voltin Process

A Full Service

An initial survey of the facility or building envelope will identify specific defects, provide recommendations for remediation or preventative maintenance with a graphic representation of the defect location onto a precision digital model. The service will be technology enhanced at a significant cost saving to the conventional services offered by specialist engineers, contractors or building surveyors.


The Voltin System provides a Facility and Building Condition Assessment by an automated building inspection and analysis process utilising high level data acquisition, photogrammetry; thermography and precision image location with machine learning software applied for defect location onto a 2D or 3D model. The Voltin team consists of Mechatronic and Specialist Façade Engineers that will implement an access and data capture plan for your facility which is unobtrusive yet comprehensive in scope.


The Facility Management, FM, industry generally uses a sophisticated Building Information Management System (BIMS) information modelling to provide digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings. The exception to this is the building facade! The Voltin system will provide a relatively low -cost comprehensive inspection report which can be graphically displayed and integrated into the existing BIM strategy. Using machine learning it will map defects and provide an analytical response as well as engineering input for remediation.

Our Mission

  • Underpinning, the Voltin philosophy is a commitment to introduce a 21st century solution that makes for a better built environment.
  • Voltin places detection, analysis and solution before profit.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), privacy and data-manipulation concerns are real problems. Voltin is not here just to disrupt the existing system but to add a capability.
  • To perfect 2nd and 3rd generation inspection services and methods for the built environment.
  • It is our intention to use data and technology to provide new ways to inspect and manage business assets.
  • Voltin will not be simply a one-dimensional business. Research, development and market expansion are the key aspects to our long-term strategy.

The Voltin Advantage

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How We Work

Data Collection

Our innovative system combines a mechatronic solution with an Artificial Intelligence, AI, software process resulting in a digital mapping and interactive reporting output. This coupling of different processes enables an asset owner to obtain a highly accurate detailed engineering assessment of the building envelope.

Machine Learning

The Voltin data capture will be used for modelling in a neural network for defect classification which may then be incorporated/developed into a BIM of the structure for ongoing development and implementation of CAPEX budgets and works sequences. The captured data will be extrapolated into a user friendly dashboard for client review and work requirement analysis, where itemised reports may then be derived and used to generate scope and specification documentation prior to tender.

Inspection Workflow

Our Data Capture System mounts sophisticated high-resolution camera systems in the RGB (visual) and IR (thermal) spectrums supported by a geo-positioning sensor system. That coupled with the photogrammetry software used to process the data makes this product offering unique in the marketplace.

Client Outcomes

Voltin will accelerate the use of digital defect analysis for the built environment because it is faster, cheaper and far more accurate that the existing process. The facade inspection reports for buildings by image analysis using AI algorithms will enable precise and cost-effective corrective action of defects digitally mapped on the building model. It will also enable digital twining of building systems to be enhanced.

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