Commercial Information

General Description of Services

  • Basic Inspection Plan
  • Premium Inspection Report and Subscriptions
  • Defect Liability Period – Inspection Reports
  • Dilapidation Inspections and Reports
  • Due Diligence – Sale or Acquisition Defect Inspections

Inspection Service Tiers


  • 25% Coverage
  • Digital Report
  • 2D Model
  • -
  • -


  • 100% Coverage
  • Digital Report
  • 2D Model
  • -
  • -


  • 100% Coverage
  • Digital Report
  • 2D Model
  • 3D Model
  • -


  • 100% Coverage
  • Digital Report
  • 2D Model
  • 3D Model
  • Thermal Imagery

Optional Services

  • Subscription
Description Renewal Access
Basic One off (30day access) Single User
Standard Annual Single User
Premium Annual One Portfolio
1-10 buildings access
Macro Annual Three Portfolio
Unlimited buildings access
  • Scope and Specification
  • Dilapidation Report
  • Due Diligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Voltin can provide a detailed defect detection report right up to a full condition assessment including remediation strategy, timing, and budget estimates.

Fully digitised Artificial Intelligence derived analysis capable of BIM integration.

An interactive digital dashboard with defect by type, pin point location and a CSV export file with defect, location and photographic details.

A first interactive digital model with geotagging.

An analytical target of 100% accuracy obtained from a multi-million image library.
Secure data and 24hour access to a full digital library of reports particular to your company.
No. You will be provided with a simple to read and easy to use Operators Manual.
A full online support system is available within a response time of within three business days: Email technical or
Clients representative consultancy services and remediation coordination.
A detailed cost proposal will be provided after consultation to determine the client requirements.
Three to Ten days depending on complexity and modelling requirements.

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