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What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Building Envelope Inspections?

AI is a visual-quality inspection process with a “no code” approach to training a vision system to find defects or classify objects, the end-user can define the criteria of what to look for without needing to know how to program.

The user simply captures images, labels the data, then analyses the defect. This accelerates construction of our in-depth report of the AI-based inspection with a faster time-to-market.

Why use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a building facade inspection?

Building and asset owners have a commercial and regulatory need to monitor the condition and safety of the building envelope. This is currently done in a low- technology manual manner. Specialist engineering facade inspections are often limited in scope and make little use of technology. Recent problems concerning Australia wide structural building defects and combustible cladding have brought the issue into sharp focus.

Benefits of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Building Envelope Inspection?

This system will provide asset owners with a unique 21st century digital assessment of their building. The facade inspection reports for buildings by image analysis using AI algorithms will enable precise and cost-effective corrective action of defects digitally mapped on the building model. It will also enable digital twining of building systems to be enhanced.

Defect Reporting

Defect Analysis

We Get The Data Nobody Else Can Get

A specialist data capture device is the primary but not the only means for imagery acquisition. The Voltin system provides an acquisition plan for each site that it operates at. Prior to activation the Voltin team assess each site to determine the most efficient means of data capture.

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