Voltin’s 3rd Milestone

A Woman Walked into a Workshop One Day! 

The introductory line of a joke?  No.

The reality is far from that…..it was the catalyst for a pivotal event in a tech-startup business’s development.


The woman was Leanne Linard, MP for Nudgee and a Minister in the State Government, who visited the Voltin workshop in 2020 to connect with local SMEs.


Her visit was unexpected, unplanned and had unforeseen consequences. Leanne was visiting recipients of the State Government 2020 COVID Adaption Grants program in her electorate. It wasn’t the $10,000 grant payment that was transformative: it was the advice she gave to the Voltin Directors. After the business briefing, she suggested that Voltin should contact the ARMHub and explore the possible synergy between the two entities.
That suggestion led to a collaboration between Voltin, the ARMHub and the QUT School of Industrial Design.The R&D team from this collaboration ultimately conceived, designed, tested and manufactured the mechatronic software device known as the Voltin AutoBAT3.0.


Since Leanne’s visit , Voltin has progressed from a good idea to an operative, award winning, automated business system.   www.voltin.com.au.

The emergence of our disruptive business is due in significant measure to the input from Leanne, Cori and Jonathan (ARMHUB) , Tim and Raf (QUT), our channel partners H³ Zoom.ai, IREP, Sedgwick and Holovision.

Thank you all for being in the right part of the universe when Voltin needed you.

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